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Children’s Nutrition and healthy food is one of our greatest passions at Parkside Childcare!

For more than 20 years we have been nourishing children’s appetites through our delicious, varied, fresh and tasty menu.

You can rest assured your child will receive the very best of nutritious food, specifically designed for their age and stage of development. Our Director, Emma Buckley has been a nutritionist for the past 15 years and specialises in children’s nutrition.

With more and more science and research into the area of children’s nutrition and the role it plays in their development, it is a hugely important area of our care offering. Good nutrition and healthy food is the bedrock of all development and the dietary habits established in early childhood have an impact on adolescence through to adulthood.

Our menus have been carefully crafted to ensure balanced and varied meals throughout the days and weeks. We have looked at the correct balance of macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) as well as providing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. Dairy and iron rich foods also feature on our menu for the minerals, Calcium – for bone growth/development and Iron – for healthy oxygenated blood, which will fight fatigue and irritability!

We only use:

  • Fully traceable meats from our HACCP compliant meat supplier – no two days offer the same meats.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables – we have at least 2 different types of vegetables a day and we always have a fruit snack.
  • Low Sodium – we create all our meals on site and don’t use any jars or packets of sauce. When we use stock cubes or gravy, we always ensure it’s low or no sodium.
  • Low Sugar – we use nature’s sweets – fruits!
  • All meals are prepared onsite by our cooks in our HACCP and HSE compliant kitchen – hair nets at the ready!

At Parkside Childcare, we believe in ‘educating the palate’ as well as nourishment. Of course, food is essential for the correct physical development and fuelling of our children, but it can be more than just that. Food is fun, satisfying, social, interesting, makes us happy – we want to foster a healthy relationship with food that continue with them through life.

Emma is happy to discuss your individual nutrition related queries Parkside Childcare children and their parents may have. This is a complementary service and one of the perks of choosing Parkside!

Specialty diets and dietary requirements are also facilitated at Parkside Childcare.